Photo of Jake Jarvis

Hi there! I’m Jake. 👋

I’m a frontend web developer based in Boston.

My current focus is on the JAMstack and modern JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular in front of Node and Go backends…

…but I’m fluent in classics like PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java as well.

Whenever possible, I prioritize my interest in information security, server(less) architecture, efficient DevOps & CI, and the containerization of everything.

I fell in love with frontend web design and backend programming when my only source of income was the Tooth Fairy. (I’ve improved a bit since then…)

Over the years, my side projects have been featured in various news outlets.

You can find some of my work on GitHub or LinkedIn, my adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Mastodon, and my old-school PDF resume here.

I’d love to hear from you via email 2B0C 9CF2 51E6 9A39, DM, or text!